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Shall we break some Ice?...

I’ve been in a quandary. I’m supposed to use this section to big myself up, boast about my career and sell myself to you, but I’ve never been very comfortable with self promotion. I prefer to let my work speak for me, but that won’t give you an idea of who I am. See? Tricky.

I pondered over this for a few days before finding a solution: I passed ‘the life and career of Darren Suffolk’ to a few friends in hopes they’d be more comfortable with it than me. I wasn’t sure what I’d get back, but I think the strongest (and by that, I mean ‘funniest’) response was:

“Great hair, sick skillz, hot girlfriend, tiny dog” (thanks, Jen).

After deliberation, I decided as solid as this summarisation was, you might also need a bit more. As a footnote to Jennifer’s carefully considered copy, the most important thing is that I have worked hard to do what I love. I direct and develop creative for Film and Video and reportedly have “sick skillz” in that arena. If you like what you’ve seen on my website and you want to make use of said skills in any way, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

And I really do have a tiny dog; that isn’t a euphemism.